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Whatever the flavour of wireless... IP or DECT or IP over DECT, CTI Solutions can assist you in the design and implementation of a wireless network.

While it is possible to implement a wireless voice solution by bolting a third party gateway to your existing phone system, one generally gets far more features by implementing a solution develped by the phone system vendor.

We can assist you with either approach.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a flexible digital radio access standard for cordless communications in residential, corporate and public environments.

Speech quality in a DECT system is very high, thanks to the digital radio techniques applied. ADPCM digital voice coding technology also ensures compatibility with ISDN. In a multi-cell system such as a cordless PBX, handover from cell to cell is fully transparent to the user.

The DECT standard makes use of several advanced digital radio techniques to achieve efficient use of the radio spectrum; it delivers high speech quality and security with low risk of radio interference and low power technology.

The DECT-over-IP solution combines the advantages of both DECT and IP technologies.

Clients enjoy the mobility of DECT and the cost effectiveness of IP networks.

Just like IP telephones, the DECT base stations are plugged into IP sockets and identify themselves automatically in the network.

They then link the IP network to conventional DECT telephones or system terminals.T

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