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CTI Solutions understand the needs of Health care professionals, we will utilise our skills and previous experience within the Health industry, to design a solution that will meet the specific needs of your industry and your business.

CTI Solutions understand that medical practices are looking for better ways for their doctors to stay in touch with the office, other doctors and patients.

That you may want to eliminate the rounds of telephone tag between doctors, patients and fellow health care practitioners and that you may want an easier way of controlling how calls get to you.

Our solution helps increase accessibility and enables doctors to take more control of their communications with enhanced messaging
and call forwarding capabilities. 

For example, IP Office can provide single number access so calls can be automatically routed to a cell phone when doctors are out of the office-making rounds, at conferences, etc. Medical staff can be reached using only a 3 or 4 digit dialling number regardless of where they are.

Simplify Access to Information
Fast, simple remote access to patient records, test results, prescription files, etc are a must. This access is needed for doctors to provide care and meet patient needs when they are out of the office.

IP OFFICE - With its secure networking capabilities (i.e built-in router, firewall), simplifies secure access to data servers, facilitating information retrieval from anywhere. Also IP Office messaging capabilities simplify the routing of faxes and emails. You can even get important and timely emails read to you over any phone.

Streamline Communications Across Offices
Many health care practices with multiple offices
would like to simplify communications, make it easy to share a receptionist and messaging system between offices, easily administer all the offices from one location and make it easy for doctors to work in different offices and get all of their communications needs met.

An IP Office solutions makes it easy to network communications systems between offices, share resources and manage several offices via a single web browser interface.

Automated Patient Appointment Confirmation
The majority of patients show up for scheduled
appointments, however, sometimes patients forget or simply do not call to cancel. No-show patients cost the practice revenue and delay care to other patients.

An IP Office solutions provides a simple, automatic way of contacting patients and confirming appointments. With "auto appointment confirmation", the communication system can automatically dial out all the scheduled patients ahead of time and leave the patient an appointment reminder message.

To have a consultant call to discuss your specific medical business needs - Consultation & Quote or call 1300 888 284

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