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Branch Office Phone System Solutions

CTI Solutions are a top performing system integratiors specialising in Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent and ShoreTel.


There are many advantages to having your branch offices networked with your head office using your existing data network.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

Branch offices tend not to have IT skills in-house and rely on their phone system vendor to make any adds moves and changes.  When systems are networked, these changes can be made by the companies IT department, saving time and money.

With Unified Communications, staff can sit at any desk or location and retain their original extension number, handsets configuration and voicemail. Never pay to have an extension relocated again!

Applications like voicemail, call centre and call monitoring can all be centralised with access provided to all branch locations.  Only pay for one application and share it among many. This also reduces server and maintenance costs.

Lower Call Costs

Calls between offices become free. When Sydney calls a Melbourne number, the call can be transited through the Melbourne PABX resulting in the cost of a local untimed call.

Better Communication between staff

Take a scenario where systems are not connected and there is no feature transparency between offices.  Jim picks up the phone in Brisbane and calls John in Perth, Jim gets John's voicemail, John dials 0 to get back to reception as the matter is urgent and he wants to hold. Ten minutes later, Jim gives up and leaves a message with reception.  Reception gets really busy and John only gets the message 40 minutes later.  John returns Jim's call and leaves him a voicemail.

With a networked phone system, users know the status of all users on the network (busy, not busy, do not disturb, call forwarded to mobile). In the above scenario, Jim would have seen that John was on a call and with a single mouse click or push of a button, could have been had his extension called as soon as soon as John was off his call.

How CTI Solutions can help you.

By understanding your business, we can work out the best solution for your requirements based on our best of breed vendors.




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