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CTI Solutions understands the needs of Car Dealers and will design a Phone System Solution that provides car dealers with fast, easy and cost-effective ways to communicate.

From the showroom to the used car lot, an car dealerships need fast, easy and cost effective ways to connect sales
and service reps to customers, and to each other.

Fast, focused customer Service

To meet the increasing expectations without increasing costs, car dealers need solutions that will help them sell more, serve better and do it all less expensively. That's exactly what our communication solutions are designed to do.

When your top customers call, can your communications system help to route their calls to the sales rep best able to take care of them?

Reducing customer frustration

Cars are important to their owners. So is efficiency. Being transferred and having to repeat the same information over and over is frustrating. The communications system should make it easy for customers to get the information and support they need, when they need it.

Our solutions can also automate the handling of routine requests (i.e., tracking the status of a car being serviced, payment for service) through the integrated IVR. This can relieve the pressure on your staff and give your customers the flexibility to choose self-serve or deal directly with a service/sales rep.

Out on the lot, staying in touch

Car dealers are unique because employees are often so spread out across the lot or going for test drives. This can leave other customers waiting on the phone. That's why our systems supports mobile communications on your premises through a combination of twinning their desk-phone with their mobile or in premises wireless IP/ IP DECT handsets Your employees can use these phones and take all the features of their desktop phones with them-hold, transfer, Caller ID, messaging, you name it.

Connecting your people…and your locations

With the heavy competition dealerships face today, getting ahead means figuring out how to operate more efficiently and at a lower cost. Our solutions will save you money.

If you have multiple locations you can route your phone calls over a data link-eliminating toll charges. Our Avaya IP Office, Alcatel-Lucent & ShoreTel solutions also allows you to network the phone systems in each location so they all work together
* reach any employee with one-touch dialling
* share a receptionist or messaging system across
all your locations.
* You can also manage the entire communication system from one location via a single web browser interface. All of that reduces costs significantly.

Supporting Multiple Brands

Our solutions provide you with the opportunity to play specific music on hold to callers depending on the number they called.  This is ideal for businesses that carry more than one manufacturer from the same location and need to play unique messages for each brand i.e zoom zoom versus oh what a feeling!

To have a consultant call to discuss your specific car dealership needs - Consultation & Quote or call 1300 888 284

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