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Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications - My Teamwork

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch My Teamwork, part of Alcatel-Lucent's Unified Communication, is a full featured conferencing and collaboration tool. It can run on any network, from any location. OmniTouch My Teamwork offers in-house audio conferencing and complete multimedia collaboration. This enables you to eliminate dependence on expensive external conferencing services, accelerate results and enhance productivity.

A software-based tool with no proprietary hardware, OmniTouch My Teamwork is easy to deploy, manage and support. As a result, you lower your start up, operating and maintenance costs are lower than other competitive systems OmniTouch My Teamwork can work with Alcatel-Lucent and legacy phone systems, or it can connect directly to public TDM and IP networks. The underlying Advanced Communication Server (ACS) is a scalable and robust development platform. It includes standards-based SIP and XML APIs that enable you to implement custom media applications that blend voice, video, data, and presence information.

Top 10 Befits of My Teamwork

1. Work from any location, any network, and any computer
With evolving workplace cultures, communication cannot be limited to the office and corporate network. OmniTouch My Teamwork runs on any PC, with any PBX, and with any browser so users can work from any location world wide without helpdesk assistance.

2. Reduce costs
As a conferencing and collaboration tool deployed on-premises, OmniTouch My Teamwork offers a hard return on investment when compared to expensive Web and audio conferencing services and travel costs.

3. One software solution for all your needs
As a full-featured conferencing and collaboration solution with presence-based IM and carrier grade audio and Web conferencing, OmniTouch My Teamwork is truly an all in one solution.

4. Increase productivity
Eliminate the delays associated with email and voice mail with presence-based multimodal communications. Know when colleagues are on the phone, in a meeting, or unavailable. Presence-based communication fosters natural, spontaneous interaction. Get answers and
resolve issues quickly and efficiently using OmniTouch My Teamwork.

5. Plug and play user environment
With an easy-to-use, browser-based interface, all you need is a telephone and a computer with Internet access¡ªPC, Mac, or workstation¡ªfor full-featured Web conferencing, document management, application sharing, and more.

6. Easy installation and deployment
With installation on one off-the-shelf computer, an intuitive admin interface, support for multiple languages, LDAP, multi-tenancy, remote system monitoring, no user downloads, and much more, OmniTouch My Teamwork is easy to deploy, manage, and support.

7. Grows with your organization or business
Whether you have 5 users or 20,000, OmniTouch My Teamwork scales up or down to meet all
demands. With no proprietary hardware required and software licensing, adding users and features is simple and fast.

8. Customize for your needs
Offering a services oriented architecture with standards-based APIs, OmniTouch My Teamwork telephony enables SFA, ERP, CRM, and other business applications.

9. Extend your business reach
Easily connect with partners, customers, and clients¡ªno matter where they are. Reach more people, in less time with lower costs and proven results.

10. Collaboration in real-time with results
Discuss projects and issues in real time with team members. In today¡¯s fast-paced world you can¡¯t wait for everyone to get together in person. Conduct virtual meetings with all stakeholders, regardless of location and get results quickly.

OmniTouch My Teamwork Product Suite

  • OmniTouch My Teamwork Enterprise Edition - for mid-sized and large enterprises
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork Office Edition - for Small Businesses
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork for IBM® Lotus® Sametime® 7.5/8.0 Client - provides multipoint audio conferencing, scheduling and recording to IBM Lotus Sametime customers
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork for Microsoft Office 2005 and 2007 - provides multipoint audio conferencing to Microsoft users
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork for Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC - providing on the go access to select OmniTouch My Teamwork client features.
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork for Land Mobile Radio Conferencing and Collaboration - unites land mobile radio users on various networks and telephony devices into a single conferencing session
  • OmniTouch My Teamwork Network Edition - a hosted version for carrier customers
  • The Advanced Communications Server (ACS) - SIP-to-the-core software application server and development platform enables developers to embed multiparty telephony collaboration, and presence into new and existing business applications


User Guides


Watch the demo: Unified Communications from Alcatel-Lucent and IBM

Watch the demo: OmniTouch My Teamwork Product Overview


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